1 Introduction

Recharge AS, Recharge Sweden AB and Recharge Finland OY is currently operating in Norway, Sweden and Finland (hereinafter “Recharge”) and offers charging solutions, and services related to charging of electrical vehicles, as well as payment solutions and charging services (hereinafter “The Service”).

Third party-service provider (hereinafter “Service Provider”) is a legal entity that will provide services to the Customers when using RFID, mobile application or other service.

When using Recharge Service or equipment, the customer (hereinafter “The Customer”) will accept the content of these terms (“hereinafter “The Terms”).

The Terms and provisions apply for the use of the Service on chargers connected to the networks of Recharge, or at our partner sites. Please read the Terms carefully, and if you do not consent to these Terms you should not proceed further with our Service.

2 Use of Services

To receive and fully utilize the Services, the Customer shall authenticate themselves either to our Services RFID card, mobile application or Recharge web payment solution

Recharge do not issue any RFID cards. To use RFID or mobile application the Customer needs to accept both the Privacy Policy of Recharge as well as Service Providers terms before accessing the Service. The Customer is responsible for knowing the valid terms and conditions at the Service Provider.

Our drop in Services consists of web payment solution. The Services provided by Recharge may vary depending on which country you are located in.

3 Price and payment

By accepting the Terms and conditions upon using the Service, the Customer accepts that Recharge will debit the charging fee, including applicable taxes and service charges. Our prices are available at our homepage:




The applicable price of the charging service is available at the Recharge web payment solutions, and/or at the Service Providers applications. The service price may also be Customer-specific, in which case it might differ from the basic price. The prices may vary.

The final charging fee, which is based on the time of charging and/or the amount charged and the predetermined price informed to the Customer before charging, will be calculated once the charging is completed and debited from the Customer.

Charging is completed either by the system according to the Customer’s instructions when charging is begun or extended, or by the Customer at any time.

Recharge Services can only be used with chargers at charging stations connected to the networks of Recharge or its partners. The chargers are made visible on Recharge’s website and fitted with Recharge markings.

To access Recharge Services, the following alternatives are available:

Drop in customer

When charging is initiated by drop in card payment through Recharges web payment solutions, an amount of €50 will be reserved on the payment card for Finland, SEK 500 for Sweden and NOK 500 for Norway. When the charging is finished, we release the reservation and charge the payment card for the session.

RFID / Mobil application

RFID / Mobil application Recharge do not offer any subscriptions or other recuring customer agreements. For charging via RFID or mobile application or other memberships the Customer need sign up with a Service Provider.

A Service Provider may apply different registrations requirements and processes which may also change over time.

4 Cancellation of Service

Cancellation of services is not possible for Recharge drop in customers when accepting these Terms and conditions.

To find out more about cancellation rights for services provided by a Service Provider, the Customer needs to contact its Service Provider directly.

5 Customers obligations

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that charging begins and is completed correctly. To ensure that the charging has begun, the Customer shall refer to the information visible on the charger. The Customer is responsible for:

  • The Customer shall accept Recharge terms and conditions for payment before using the Service
  • The Customer shall accept terms and condition from the Service Provider before using charging via RFID or mobile application
  • The Customer is responsible for any unauthorized use of the Service under their control
  • The Customer is responsible for having a valid phone subscription that will allow the Service
  • Ensuring that charging is properly initiated, and that procedures for charging is correctly followed either this is RFID, Mobile application, or web payment solutions as described at our application or station. Recharge is not responsible for loss, damage or other legal or economic consequences if the Customer does not follow the instruction correctly
  • Ensure that the registered payment card is valid, has sufficient balance and is not blocked. Recharge has the right to seek payment by separate invoice for Customer use if debiting is not possible

6 Liability for Recharge

Recharge is not responsible for legal or financial, direct or indirect consequences for the Customer if there are damages on vehicle/ equipment, loss or unavailability of the Service. This includes but not limited to:

  • The cell phone network or related functions are not working
  • The cell phone telephone operator has changed its telephone service so that payment via the Recharge service is no longer possible
  • The Service has been suspended for reasons which prove to be incorrect, but Recharge, at the time of suspension, reason to believe that there were grounds for suspension
  • The Customer’s RFID card or the Customer’s mobile phone is lost or stolen and misused by another person
  • Recharge is not responsible for the Customer parking their vehicle in accordance with the law and regulations laid down by a partner company or municipality and not responsible for fines for such violations.
  • Recharge is not responsible for damage or loss caused by a legal provision, official action, war, epidemic, sabotage, failure or delay in delivery, telephone connections or other traffic and communications connections and transportation, strike, boycott, or other similar circumstances beyond the control of Recharge. The provisions regarding strike, boycott and blockade also applies if Recharge is the subject of the said actions.
  • Any damage or loss that occurs in other circumstances will not be reimbursed by Recharge. Recharge is not responsible in relation to the Customer for indirect damage, such as loss of income or damage to the relationship between the

Customer and third parties, except if the loss is caused by negligence, gross negligence or willfulness on the part of Recharge , and never in excess of what the Customer is entitled to under mandatory legislation.

7 Privacy and cookies

Any personal information that is provided to us when using our Services will be used in accordance with Recharge Privacy Policy By using our application, you agree to Recharge Privacy Policy and Recharge Terms of Service.

8 Complaint, Consumer Purchase Act, and disputes

All purchase agreements made between you and Recharge are governed by the law stated in the country where the Service were rendered.

If a Customer wishes to submit a complaint for payment or other faults regarding third party service provider for APP/RFID, the Customer shall notify the Service Provider directly and not Recharge.

Any complaints against Recharge must be sent to within 60 days of the date of the purchase transaction in question.

The Customer may deliver complaint to:





or by telephone to our customer service.

Customer service in Finland: tel. +358 20 33 4455 (0,084€/min)
Customer service in Sweden: tel. +46 020 – 46 00 20
Customer service in Norway: tel. +47 69 14 14 10

The complaint shall clearly indicate the type of error. If this is not done correctly, the Customer will lose their right for the error investigation and correction, apart from exceptions due to mandatory legislation. When a Customer submits a complaint, Recharge shall carry out a technical investigation.

Complaints regarding incorrect charging costs are processed and determined by Recharge. If and/or when a complaint is accepted, Recharge shall compensate the Customer for the amount without delay. If the complaint is rejected, Recharge shall inform the Customer of the result of the investigation of the complaint and the reason for the rejection.

The Customer has the right to take any disputes arising between the Customer and Recharge to be settled by Consumer Disputes board or District court, or to use any other rights granted by the law submitted to the country where the Service is provided.

9 Change of terms

Both parties are aware that the electric vehicle charging sector is rapidly developing. Recharge therefore reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions in order to adapt the operation of the Recharge service or the terms and conditions to new or modified technologies, devices, standards, legislation, policies, or to appropriate technical, information security, administrative, business, operations’, or other relevant procedures.

The Customer shall be informed of such changes on the website www.rechargeinfra.com.

Do not assume that the terms and are applicable on a previous occasion once you have rendered a Service from us will still apply at the next event. We therefore recommend that you always read these Terms before a new order to make sure you accept them.