Our mission:

We take the stress out of EV driving, focusing on expanding our open network and making the transformation from fossil to EV easy and convenient for our customers and partners.

Infrastructure and accessibility

As the Nordic market leader, we have opened up our network and adapted our charging solutions for all EVs. Most of our charging stations are near main roads and have good service offerings. It should be easy to find a Recharge charger, and today, there is a charging station every fifty kilometres along the road in central areas.


Ease of use and maintenance

It should be easy to charge your EV, whether you are on a short trip or a long journey. You will therefore find several different chargers in the same place – a hub – so you never have to worry about whether there is an available Recharge charger nearby. Our charging points are linked to a 24-hour maintenance service, so you also know that our charging stations are always ready to provide you with a recharge.

Today, we are the largest charge point operator in Norway – the world’s most well-developed EV nation. And every month, we welcome thousands of new EV drivers to Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish roads!

Our vision for the future is to make the transition from fossil to electric motors easier for our customers and our partners. Together, we are making the world greener and more sustainable for future generations.