Slow charger

(max 22kW)

Southern Norway: 6,79 NOK/kWh
Northern Norway: 4,29 NOK/kWh

Sweden: 3,49 SEK/kWh
Finland: 0,30 EUR/kWh

Rapid charger

(up to 50 kW)

Southern Norway: 8,29 NOK/kWh
Northern Norway: 6,49 NOK/kWh

Sweden: 6,49 SEK/kWh
Finland: 0,25 EUR/min

High power charger

(up to 350 kW)

Southern Norway: 8,79 NOK/kWh
Northern Norway: 6,99 NOK/kWh

Sweden: 6,99 SEK/kWh
Finland: 0,55 EUR/min

Prices for charging at our charging stations will vary based on how you activate the service. When you use an app or RFID tag/charge card from one of our e-mobility service providers, it is their prices, terms and conditions for charging that applies. If you use one of our drop-in services our standard prices apply. A few chargers have prices which deviates from the standard. You can find all prices on the local page for your country. When you charge at our charging stations, you accept our terms and conditions.

For drop-in card payment, we place a reservation for withdrawal on your card when you charge (NOK 500, SEK 500 or €50 depending on country). When you finish charging, the amount is refunded.

New prices per 07.10.2022

Adjustment on prices for charging on AC chargers in Norway.

As of 07.10.2022, our standard drop-in price for charging on AC chargers in Norway will be NOK 6.79/kWh in the South and NOK 4.29/kWh in the North. The drop-in price for charging on fast and ultrafast chargers remains unchanged.