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Recharge Prices

When you charge your EV at a Recharge station, you can handle payment and prices in different ways. Prices for charging at our charging stations will vary based on how you activate the service.

Slow charger

(max 22kW)

NO: 3,00 NOK/kWt

SE: 3,00 SEK/kWh

FI: 0,40 EUR/kWh
(enintään 43 kW)

Rapid charger

(up to 50 kW)

NO: 3,50 NOK/kWt

SE: 5,15 SEK/kWh

FI: EUR 0,13/min
(enintään 24 kW)

EUR 0,25/min
(enintään 50 kW)

High power charger

(up to 350 kW)

NO: 5,75 NOK / kWt

SE:/strong> 5,75 SEK / kWh

FI: EUR 0,55 / min
(enintään 350 kW)

Prices for charging at our charging stations will vary based on how you activate the service. When you use an app or RFID tag/charge card from one of our e-mobility service providers, it is their prices, terms and conditions for charging that applies. If you use one of our drop-in services (SMS and online payment via QR code) our standard prices apply. A few chargers have prices which deviates from the standard. You can find all prices on the local page for your country. When you charge at our charging stations, you accept our terms and conditions..

For drop-in card payment, we place a reservation for withdrawal on your card when you charge (NOK 500, SEK 500 or €50 depending on country). When you finish charging, the amount is refunded.

Pricing structure

Recharge meets customers’ needs with a new pricing structure

There has long been increasing demand from EV drivers for prices based on kWh. Recharge wants to accommodate customers’ wishes and have therefore have introduced a price per kWh for high power chargers and slow chargers for drop-in charging in Norway. In Sweden we have now implemented kWh prices for all charging types. In Finland we have kept minute prices on faster charging while we investigate possible national regulations.

Easy and affordable drop-in charging

Høsten 2020 introduserte Recharge en ny og enklere drop-in betalingsløsning med online kortbetaling aktivert med QR kode, i tillegg til tidligere drop-in metode med start og betaling via SMS. Kombinert med lavere drop-in priser blir det nå både rimeligere og enklere å lade, og ladetiden blir mer effektiv siden du slipper å laste ned ulike apper i forkant.