About Recharge

Recharge is a Charge Point Operator (CPO) which builds, owns, and operates infrastructure for the charging of Electric Vehicles. Recharge’s charging business is conducted under the brand ‘Recharge’.

Recharge offers its network of charging stations to providers of electromobility services (“EMPs”), to allow EMPs to give their customers access to Recharges network of charging stations through subscription, app and other solutions. Recharge also offers drop-in charging (e.g., through QR code) to customers without a subscription.

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This policy applies to Recharge AS and all of its subsidiaries.



This policy is effective as of May 2023. Chief of People & Culture Officer will assess and report on the policy annually.



At Recharge, we recognize that diversity is essential to our strategy. We are committed to
upholding non-discriminatory principles in our organization with respect to gender, nationality,
age, ethnicity, religion, physical disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity. This policy aims to clarify our ambitions and goals to ensure that our workplace fosters these principles.


About diversity

We recognize the importance of diversity in achieving our business goals and are i.e. committed to increasing the share of women in our organization. To achieve our goal of having at least 30%
women in all business functions by 2024 (currently at 27% as of December 2023), we will take the
following concrete actions:

  • Ensure that diversity and equality is formally tied to management responsibility and board of directors and integrated into Recharges way of working.
  • Promote work-life balance for all employees
  • Incorporate diversity measures in HR processes, both for internal and external job advisement.
  • Implementing targeted marketing and advertising to attract diverse talents to Recharge.
  • Offer training opportunities to all employees through established routines and processes.
  • Develop a more systematic approach to mapping and ensuring gender balance, including monitoring results from salary processes, part-time employees and employees in pat-/maternity leave.



Diversity and inclusion statement in Recharge

At Recharge, we:

  • Are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone has equal opportunities
  • Believe that diversity is essential to our success and strengthens our organizational culture.
  • Aim to achieve a balanced composition of employees in terms of gender, nationality, age, religion, cultural background, and more.
  • Recognize the importance of leadership in promoting diversity and will set an example by increasing the share of women in Recharge to at least 30% by 2024.
  • Are committed to complying with diversity and inclusion legislation across all our geographies.




In Recharge, we take corporate governance seriously. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for maintaining Recharge’s corporate governance framework, including this policy.


In addition, our Head of Legal is responsible for:

  • Publicizing the existence of the corporate governance framework and all associated documents
  • Ensuring that all corporate governance framework documents, policy documents are published on applicable forum and ensuring a register and review of all corporate governance framework documents.


The Chief of People & Culture Officer, has the responsibility to:

  • Ensuring that the content of this policy up to date and is reported to the Head of Legal, and ensuring communicating this policy to necessary contractors, customers, the general public and other interested parties.
  • Ensure a training plan is conducted with employees. These responsibilities are essential to maintaining our commitment to strong corporate governance practices and ensuring transparency and accountability throughout our organization.