Recharge is a leading charge point operator in the Nordics. We have over 4000 charge points across the Nordics today, and we are rapidly growing our network. Our mission is to drive change by accelerating the future to a green and sustainable world, and we will lead the change by making charging easy and available for everyone.   

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To be able to execute on our mission we need the best systems and processes, and due to this we have chosen to switch to a more scalable and reliable operational platform for operations of our charging network in all markets.  

This is a well-planned change of platform. But even though the timing has been selected carefully to limit the impact to as few customers as possible, we do expect there to be some disturbances and downtime during the night between Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th. Some customers may experience that their ongoing overnight session is stopped or that they for a limited time will not be able to charge. The downtime should be short, and charging will work again as normal when the system change is finalized. 
Recharge customer service will be well manned during the night of the migration, and we are available if there are any questions or issues. Please call us on +47 69 14 14 10 if you need help.