Have you ever charged your electric car at one of our charging stations in Finland and thought to yourself: “Wow, this is a great place for a charging station!”. If this is the case, there is a good chance that it’s our business developer Keijo Rouvali you should be thanking.

“My primary job is to find new spots in Finland where there is a specific need for public charging points. The best thing about working at Recharge is discovering new charging point locations, and knowing that happy electric car drivers will soon be using our charging stations,” says Keijo Rouvali.

He has worked at Recharge since May 2021, and has extensive experience from the automotive industry.

A wonderful opportunity

“I wanted to work at Recharge because we build something unique; an independent, super-fast charging network. To be a part of this is a wonderful opportunity,” he says.

“By helping to expand the network, Recharge will retain its position as number one in the Nordic countries. In addition, I help develop the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and help other users, which will make our everyday lives easier in the future,” he adds.

A hectic work-schedule

For Keijo, a normal day at the office consists of many Teams-meetings with potential new, or existing partners.

“I search for and analyze new locations, discuss ongoing and upcoming projects with our project managers who take care of the actual construction of the new charging stations. In addition, from time to time there are site inspections and trips around Finland. We have a great team in Finland, but to be honest my colleagues in Sweden and Norway aren’t too bad either,” he smiles slyly.

Love to spend time at the cabin

In his spare time, his wife Outi and their two children aged 10 and 15 get his full attention. 

“We live in Vantaa, but we spend a lot of time at our cabin in Vihtijärvi, which is a 30 minutes drive from home. In addition, I like to keep in shape by swimming and going to the gym,” he says.

Analytical and relaxed

As a person, Keijo describes himself as an analytical ambivert who gets along with all types of people.
“I see myself as very relaxed and sociable. I like numbers and hard facts, but I also like helping others. Some might say I’m an introvert, while others would describe me as an extrovert. I would say it depends a lot on the situation, but deep down I need peace and time for myself,” he says.

The place to be

What intrigues you about the charging and electric car industry?
“This is a new and fast-moving industry. I like the fact that electric cars are so quiet, and the idea of ​​a society of non-polluting transport. The charging and electric car industry is a growing industry, and it is definitely the place to be for me right now.”

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