When we started accepting payments for fast charging almost 10 years ago, SMS was the only option for drop-in payments. Since then, both the needs and the solutions have developed, and at Recharge‚Äôs chargers you can now choose between several different payment solutions, including drop-in card payments via a digital interface. 

SMS payments will cease to work from 30th of November 2022, because we now have several available payment solutions. As an alternative, we offer the online card payment activated via a QR code at the charging station. The solution requires no registration, and it can reuse card data stored in the browser on your phone. We have also opened up our network to several e-mobility service providers, so that you can use one of your existing apps or charging cards when charging with us. 

See all payment options here: https://rechargeinfra.com/how-to-charge-your-ev/