In Norway, we have historically had low and stable electricity prices. This has made it possible for us as a charge point operator to have stable charging prices over longer periods of time. In 2022, this changed, and we now have electricity prices that are constantly changing and reaching new heights. The new situation makes it more difficult for us as a charge point operator to price charging, and we must continuously assess our prices against consumption patterns and electricity prices. 

Due to continued rising electricity prices, we are therefore now adjusting the drop-in price on our AC chargers (slower charging) in Norway. As of 07.10.2022, our standard drop-in price for charging on AC chargers in Norway will be NOK 6.79/kWh in the South and NOK 4.29/kWh in the North. The drop-in price for charging on fast and ultrafast chargers remains unchanged. The price change does not apply to chargers in Finland and Sweden. 

Earlier this autumn Recharge launched regional charging prices in Norway, and lowered the price for charging in the northern parts of the country. Read more about that change here: Price adjustment at charging stations

Charging prices may vary 

Recharge has an open network, which means that you can use many different RFID tags, charge cards, and app solutions to charge at our stations. We would like to emphasize that the prices for charging with an app, charging card, or RFID tag through different service providers (e.g. Fortum, Elton, and the Electric Vehicle Association’s charging club) will vary. It is the service providers themselves who set the price model and price level for their services.