A glimpse into the charging industry

Recharge is a leading charge point operator in the Nordic countries, and we experience a tremendous amount of interest in what we do. With more than ten years of experience building and operating fast charging networks in Norway, Sweden and Finland, Recharge has a lot of insight to share about everything charging.  

That’s why we have made Recharge Insights. We’re giving you a glimpse into how the charging industry develops in countries where electric cars dominate the mass market. 80 percent of new cars sold in Norway are now electric, and the other Nordics are catching up.  

In this reports you can read about this and much, much more on how EV drivers in the world’s most developed market use our charging network. We have first compiled the data for our entire charging network, and then broken the numbers down for each individual country where we operate; Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

We are delivering these reports quarterly, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the information we have decided to share, and your wishes for future editions of Recharge Insights. Please send your ideas to insights@rechargeinfra.com.

We hope you find these insights as fascinating as we do!


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Recharge Insights 2022 (download pdf)

Recharge in numbers

In 2023 Recharge provided

79,8 million
Energy delivered (kWh)
399 million
kilometers charged
Almost 10 000 times
around the equator
64 814 tons
CO2 avoided

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