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Recharge partners up with Volkswagen Elli

Volkswagen ID customers can as of May use the VW We Charge service when charging at Recharge charging stations. Recharge has over 2500 charging stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland, of which approx. 1000 are fast or high power charging stations available for Volkswagen Elli users.

The agreement between Elli and Recharge was signed in March 2021 and the integration was completed in May. In Norway the service was launched in May and in Sweden this week. We are happy to see that customers are already using the service, and We Charge is a popular addition to the list of service providers available today, including Fortum Charge & Drive, Plugsurfing, Shell NewMotion, Easypark and Elton. Recharge is continuously adding new service partners to the list, in addition to also providing user-friendly drop-in-services for their customers.

Elli is a company in the Volkswagen group, that owns and operates the We Charge charging service. The service gives the customers access to charging stations from several charge point operators, in total over 160 000 charge points in Europe. Now the service is also available to use at Recharge charging stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We wish We Charge and the VW drivers welcome to our network. We want to create stressfree charging experiences for all EV drivers, and with the agreement VW customers get access to a large number of normal, fast and ultra-fast chargers located in the cities and where people travel. Recharge has been operating EV charging services across the Nordic for a decade, and we are confident that we can provide We charge customers with reliable charging at attractive locations with good service offerings, says Annika Hoffner, CEO in Recharge.

Recharge’s charging stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland is now available through the We Charge services. Customers can charge with a We Charge chargecard or through the We Charge app. The service is activated in the Volkswagen We Connect application.  

About Recharge
Recharge is a pioneer in the eMobility industry, operating a public EV charging network under the brand of Fortum Charge & Drive since 2011. Recharge is a leading charge point operator in the Nordics, owning more than 1,500 public chargers and operating an additional 1000 chargers in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. In total over 3300 charge points, including many fast and ultra-fast chargers. The Nordic countries are among the most advanced and fasted growing EV markets globally, and Recharge supports the transition to an all-electric car fleet by offering easy-to-use and reliable EV charging services at attractive locations. Recharge is owned by Infracapital, the infrastructure equity investment arm of M&G Plc and Fortum, the clean-energy company. M&G Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a FTSE 100 constituent and is one of the largest investment management companies in the UK.

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