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Recharge lowers drop-in prices for Easter in Norway!

Easter is right around the corner, and many people are worried about charging and long trips with their EVs. At Recharge, formerly Fortum Charge & Drive, we are now lowering our drop-in prices for rapid charging to make it easier for new EV drivers to get started with charging – and to reduce some of the stress around charging

In order to meet the demand from our customers, Recharge is also lowering their drop-in prices to the price per kWh of high power chargers and slow chargers from Friday, 26 March.

This coming Friday is the start of one of the biggest travelling weekends of the year, and there will probably be a particularly high number of long trips to summer cabins this year, since most people are staying in Norway. Recharge wants to facilitate an even smoother charging experience along the way, with simpler payment methods and lower drop-in prices.

Easy and affordable drop-in charging

This autumn, Recharge introduced a new and simpler drop-in payment solution with online card payment activated with a QR code, in addition to the previous drop-in method with start and payment via SMS. Combined with lower drop-in prices, it is now both cheaper and easier to charge your EV, and the charging time becomes more efficient since you do not have to download various apps in advance.

“We have previously introduced simple card payment for drop-in customers and are now taking the next step by reducing the price of drop-in charging. By making drop-in charging more attractive, we want to remove the stress experienced by new EV drivers related to downloading various apps and obtaining RFID cards or key fobs. It should be easy to travel on long trips by EV, and possible to get started quickly with charging without having to plan in advance,” said Recharge’s Annika Hoffner.

In addition to card and SMS payment, EV drivers can also charge with an app or RFID card or key fob from one of Recharge’s many e-mobility service providers such as Fortum, Easypark, Plugsurfing, Newmotion and Elton.

Recharge meets customers’ needs with a new pricing structure

There has long been increasing demand from EV drivers for prices based on kWh. Recharge wants to accommodate customers’ wishes and will therefore introduce a price per kWh for high power chargers and slow chargers for drop-in charging from 26 March 2021.

“Surveys conducted by both the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association and the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF) show that many EV drivers request kWh prices for charging. Then, you only pay for the amount of electricity you receive. We are listening to our customers and testing price per kWt for slow chargers and high power chargers. The pricing structure for rapid charging will remain unchanged for the time being, but we are reducing our drop-in price from NOK 4/min to NOK 3.50/min”, said Recharge’s Annika Hoffner.

This is Recharge:

Recharge (formerly Fortum Charge & Drive) has operated charging infrastructure under the Fortum Charge & Drive brand since 2011. Today, Recharge is a leading operator of charging stations for EVs in the Nordic region. The company owns more than 1,500 public charging stations, and operates a further 1,000 charging stations in Norway, Finland and Sweden. Recharge supports the transition to an electric vehicle fleet by offering user-friendly charging stations in attractive locations Recharge is headquartered in Grålum, Norway, and is owned by Infracapital (65.75 per cent) and Fortum (34.25 per cent). Infracapital is part of M&G Plc. M&G Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is one of the largest investment firms in the UK.

Our drop-in charging prices from 26 March 2021 in Norway:

High power chargers (up to 350 kW ): NOK 5.75/kWh

Rapid chargers (up to 50 kW): NOK 3.50/min

Slow chargers (up to 22 kW): NOK 3.00/kWh

All prices include Value Added Tax.


Annika Hoffner
E-mail: annika.hoffner@rechargeinfra.com
Phone: +4790284683

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