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Today, you can find Recharge chargers at grocery stores, restaurants and kiosks. You can find our electric car chargers at locations such as Kiwi, McDonalds, St1 and YX 7-Eleven. We also have charge points at a number of petrol station chains. These stations usually have 24-hour service for charging customers and not least access to toilets. Together, this provides an excellent service for all EV drivers on the go.

Open charging network

Our partners primarily need publicly available charging, with a focus on fast and rapid chargers for larger fleets of EVs or multiple locations.

We have extensive experience with setting up charging stations at different types of locations, and we will assist you with setting up and operating charging stations at your locations.

For slightly longer visits to the city, one of our normal chargers may be a good option. We have normal chargers at many parking facilities, shopping centres and specialty stores such as IKEA. For hungry travellers, we have charging stations at various roadside restaurants and fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. Here, customers can recharge while enjoying a meal.

We have the largest open charging network in the Nordic region and that means a lot to EV drivers.

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We are always looking for new and exciting partners.

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We are constantly expanding our charging network, and we currently have charging stations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


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fast chargers

About 160 mill

carbon-free km in 2020

About 500,000

charging sessions in 2020