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How to prepare for a long drive with children in the car.

Are you going on a long trip with the whole family? Driving long distances with children in the car can be a challenge for young and old alike. Here are some tips on how to best prepare for your trip, and not least make it fun along the way!

If you are going on a long trip with children, it is a good idea to pack refreshments for the drive. Make packed lunches, and bring along some snacks and chopped fruit. Then you can take an ice cream break while you charge your EV. You may want to consult our map of chargers before you leave, and plan breaks based on your charging needs. Audiobooks are also a good tip, and Pickatale, Spotify, Fabel and Storytel all have great stories for children.

Even with audiobooks, however, your little ones may still get bored on long road trips, but fun games can come to the rescue.

Her er 11 tips til morsomme aktiviteter for hele familien på biltur

1. The who or what game

Mum or Dad thinks of a person or an animal. The children have to take turns guessing and asking clever yes-or-no questions.

2. Food ABCs

One of you starts by saying a food that begins with the letter A. “I want to eat an apple.” The next person must remember what the first person said, and then say something that starts with the letter B: “I want to eat an apple and a banana.” The next person must then find food that begins with the letter C: “I want to eat an apple, a banana and a cheeseburger.” Can you make it through the entire alphabet? Educational and fun!

3. Counting cars

In this game, everyone in the car must choose a colour, e.g. white, blue or red. Then you count how many cars you see in your colour. The first person to get to twenty cars in their colour wins. You can also allow each participant to count multiple colours. And you can make it even harder by only counting cars of a particular brand.

4. The letter game

In this game, you first agree on a theme (movies, band names, car names, celebrities etc.), and the first person starts by saying a name or word within this category. The next person must then find a new name or word that starts with the last letter of the previous participant’s word.

5. Quiz

There are many different quiz books available with different levels of difficulty and themes, so it is not hard to find quizzes for every taste and age. You can also make a simple quiz yourself, or find one online. Take simple notes on your mobile to keep score: everyone likes to know who is leading and, of course, who wins in the end.

7. Counting diggers and tractors

If the children are small enough, counting the number of diggers and tractors along the road can be fun enough.

8. First one to see…

One of the adults says: “First one to see a... blue car / round sign / caravan / red house” and so on.

9. Car bingo

Classic car bingo requires some simple preparations. Before you leave, you can make some bingo cards with things you are likely to see during your trip. For example, a lorry, a cow, a cyclist, a red house, a flagpole etc. You can also draw pictures on the cards. The first person to cross everything off on their card wins. You can also buy ready-made car bingo cards.

10. My ship is loaded with

You choose a letter of the alphabet to start with, for example B. The first person says something like: “My ship is loaded with Bananas.” Then the next person has to find something that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

11. I spy

“I spy with my little eye something that is green.” Who can guess the thing first? You can take turns and give each passenger the chance to challenge themselves to be creative and try to make it difficult for the others to guess. Or maybe the one who guesses correctly gets to go next?

Charging stops along the road

When you are on a trip with your EV, you also need to include some stops along the way. Breaks are good for young and old alike, and when you do have to stop and charge, you may want to combine your stop with other things such as a snack, toilet break or some physical activity. Bring a couple of skipping ropes or soap bubbles for the kids – combined with an ice cream in the sun, it is guaranteed to be popular. Or how about bringing some chalk and drawing hopscotch on the pavement? Make your journey part of the experience, and make charging a pleasant break. This will make the trip seem both shorter and more fun for everyone.

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