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Can I high power charge my EV?

We are installing more and more high power chargers in our network, and 2021 will be the big high power charger year. Do you know if your EV can benefit from the full effect of a high power charger?

High power chargers are built to meet the needs of the new generations of EVs. They are quite simply designed to provide the most power in the shortest possible time, which suits most people especially well in an otherwise hectic day. One minute here, and one minute there.

Factors that affect charging speed

Charging at high speed cargers sounds fantastic. But did you know that it is the EV and not the charger that determines the maximum power you receive when you charge? It’s actually the EVs battery management system that controls voltage and temperature, as well as the power that the battery can receive, and in turn, the maximum charging speed.

Charging speed of 350 kW

Today, many EVs on Norwegian roads can charge at a maximum of 50 or 100 kW – i.e. rapid charging. And high power chargers have charging speeds over 150 kW – and up to 350 kW! Older EV models and some small vehicles will not be able to take advantage of the high power of a rapid charger. 

They can still charge on a rapid charger but will receive a lower power than stated on the charger.

There are several variables that determine whether a high power charger is right for your EV. If your EV has a CHAdeMO connector, for example, you cannot charge at rapid speeds. This is because the highest charging speed for CHAdeMO in our network is 62.5 kW. If you have a newer EV with a CCS connector, on the other hand, there is a good chance that your EV can charge at rapid speeds.

Check your EV model to see which type of charging suits you best.

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The difference between EV chargers

Do you find it difficult to remember which type of charger you normally use, should use or cannot use? Here is the overview you need to choose the right charger for your EV!

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