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You can find charging prices for the various charging stations in the app, and you choose whether you want to pay by card or invoice. If you are a Fortum electricity customer, this can give you favourable discounts on charging your EV!

You can contact Fortum’s customer service 22 55 54 24 or by chargedrive.no@fortum.com.

You can find more information at Fortum.com.


Our charging tips

  • When charging with the app, look for the charger number next to the charging cable. Then open the map in the app, click on the charging station you are at and select the correct charger number in the app. Remember to check that you have selected the correct letter for the cable you plan to use.

  • Some chargers go into pause mode if it takes too long from when you connect the cable to your vehicle until the charger receives a start command from the app. If the charger goes into pause mode, you may want to put the cable back in the charger, finish/close the charging session and restart the app.
  • If you experience problems charging via your RFID card or key fob, check that you have a valid payment solution in the app.