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Our mission: We take the stress out of EV driving, focusing on expanding our open network and making the transformation from fossil to EV easy and convenient for our customers and partners.

A leading charge point operator in the Nordic region

The Nordic countries are among the most advanced and fastest growing EV markets in the world. And Recharge supports the transition to an all-EV fleet by offering user-friendly and reliable charging stations in attractive locations.

Recharge is a pioneer in the eMobility industry, and we have been providing charging services under the brand name Fortum Charge & Drive since 2011. Today, we are a leading charge point operator in the Nordic region. Recharge operates 2,400 EV chargers in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Corporate charging solutions

Are you interested in having charging stations at multiple locations? Do you have many EVs in your vehicle fleet? Maybe you would like to offer your customers a charging service? We work with many different companies and we offer various charging solutions.

Corporate charging services

Do you have a large fleet of EVs in need of charging services? Our charging services give you access to charging in our existing network in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We can offer access to charging at over 2,500 charging stations, and we can also assist with setting up and operating charging stations for depot charging of the EVs in your vehicle fleet.

Charging stations for location owners

Are you interested in setting up charging stations at your business locations? Today, you can find Recharge chargers at grocery stores, restaurants and kiosks. You can find our electric car chargers at locations such as Kiwi, McDonalds, Shell and YX 7-Eleven. Together, they provide an excellent service for all EV drivers on the go.

We will assist with setting up and operating charging stations at your locations.

Access to our network for e-mobility service providers

Are you an e-mobility service provider and looking for new opportunities? By providing an open network, we aim to give our customers options, which is why we don’t limit the number of e-mobility service providers. We are constantly expanding our network, and we now have over 2500 charging stations in three countries.

We currently have partnerships with Fortum Charge & Drive, Plugsurfing, Shell Recharge New Motion, Easy Park and Elton.

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Innovation milestones



The World's largest rapid charging site established together with Tesla.


We established Vulkan, the world’s largest smart charging garage and a unique laboratory for battery storage and power balancing


The world’s first high-power charging corridor from Helsinki to Oslo

Open charging network

We believe that offering an open charging network creates a good starting point for our common goal of greener infrastructure. In our open network, we work with e-mobility service providers across national borders, and with energy stations and grocery stores nearby. If we are to achieve an all-EV fleet in the future, we believe that collaboration across industries is an important factor.

Easy and user-friendly charging

Today, we offer slow, rapid and high power charging at restaurants, energy stations and grocery stores on busy routes in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We want it to be easy for EV drivers to find our charging stations. And we are constantly working to enter into partnerships with local service providers to make the charging station a natural stop along the way.

We offer all our customers the option to charge by SMS, card payment without registration, or with an app or RFID card or key fob. We are affiliated with several e-mobility service providers, and our customers are free to choose the provider that suits them best. In other words, EV drivers have great freedom of choice in our charging network.

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